Recommended Things To Do When Having Holiday In Vietnam

Recommended Things To Do When Having Holiday In Vietnam

Recommended Things To Do When Having Holiday In Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the most wonderful countries in Asia. It is also one of the most popular travel destinations because it is a place with complete beauty from every angle. You can learn more about the culture, the cuisine, bola 88 historical places, and many more. This place is exotic and there are many spots to visit to fill your holiday. There are also many activities you can do while spending your holiday in Vietnam, such as:

Explore The Ancient City In Central Vietnam called Hoi An

Recommended Things To Do When Having Holiday In Vietnam
Hoi An

This is one of the must-visit spots in Vietnam. If you have limit option of places to explore while in Vietnam, this place is worth visiting for. This town is said to be ancient and you can see it when you stroll down the street. There are also many photogenic spots for you to immortalize through the lens.

Indulge your adventurous soul by exploring the Phong Nha Caves

Recommended Things To Do When Having Holiday In Vietnam
Phong Nha Caves

If you are a fan of mysterious, beautiful caves, Vietnam is the one. There are many caves you can explore with especially in the central Vietnam. Not to mention that you will find the world’s biggest cave in this country. It is Son Doong Cave that has attracted so many hearts of visitors. That was found in 1990 by local Vietnamese. It was then rediscovered in 2009. It is said to be the world’s largest cave. There is even a jungle growing inside.

Explore Halong Bay To See The Wonderful Water With Beautiful Surroundings

Recommended Things To Do When Having Holiday In Vietnam
Halong Bay

You can book a cruise tour to explore Halong Bay since it is a must destination for cruising. Throughout the tour, you will see gigantic, beautiful limestone mountains. There are scattered along the waters. Lots of international tourist visit Vietnam just to experience cruise Halong Bay.

Experience beautiful chaos in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Hanoi is one of the must-visit town in Vietnam. Old Quarter is especially a place where you can just freely wander around. The sidewalks and the streets are a bit chaotic but you can also call it lively. This is also place where you can enjoy hunting authentic cuisines of Vietnam. However, be careful when you wander around the street because motorbikes are everywhere.

Explore The Cu Chi Tunnels to learn more about the history of Vietnam. These tunnels were used during the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong. These tunnels were used to confuse American soldiers at that time. When you visit these tunnels, you will see how magnificent they are. It is such a one-of-a-kind experience to have.

It is not complete to visit Vietnam without tasting their cuisines. Vietnam is famous for their delicious foods and dishes. Every city in Vietnam has their own specialties when it comes to delightful cuisines. You can go to Hanoi, Saigon, and Hoi An to try various dishes that can just melt your tongue. Of course, trying the original Pho is a must. Vietnamese Pho is already popular internationally and you can have the authentic one in Vietnam.

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