About us


While all those who visit Halong Bay are charmed by the archipelago’s beauty, few visitors are aware that the three-thousand islands that dot this bay are home to many rare plants, including species found nowhere else in the world. We chose our cruises names: Halong Heritage Cruise, Ha Long Royal Heritage Cruise ,Viet Dragon Cruise, because like the plants they were named after, our junks are perfectly suited the environment. With its golden sails, polished woodwork and refined Asian decor, private dock & waiting lounge, and longer cruising loops, Cruise Halong truly offers an unforgettable ambiance of relaxed elegance
  • Integration
We package our tours and services to meet multi-disciplinary tasks, drawing on the services of a breadth and depth of travel expertise which is expanding all the time.
  • Problem-solving
Our staff solve problems in orthodox and straightforward ways where required or in innovative, imaginative but practical ways when the trouble is complex and unfamiliar. If there is an off-the-shelf solution, we'll provide it, but if not, we'll build a new shelf. If you've called everyone else and are still disappointed, let us have a look at it. The difficulty is where the fun is!
  • Listening Culture
Our people know how to listen as well as talk. Our first task is always to establish what you are looking for – or if you are unsure of a direction, to let you know the options and critical factors to help our customer arrive at a final decision. We work with its clients rather than for them and we start with your needs.
  • Value for Money
We listen. We offer value-for money trips – you only get the level of tours you need and we package our tours to fit your budget.
  • Quality
The most important factor to make the success of our VIET LONG PROMOTION - HA LONG HERITAGE CRUISES is to ensure the quality of the tours that leaves the office or is undertaken on site. We temper enthusiasm with experience to make sure it's right.